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Top Tips for using your Surya Luna Dry Shampoo

Updated: Jul 4, 2020

We were delighted to launch our new natural, eco-friendly, vegan dry shampoos a couple of weeks ago.

Dry shampoos are great for when you don’t have time to wash your hair or don’t have access to water or a shower. They are ideal for all those camping trips you might be planning for your staycation this summer!

We have three shampoos designed for different hair colours and two packaging options for you to choose from.

Natural Formulation

As an eco-friendly alternative to many commercial dry shampoos which are full of chemicals and mostly aerosol based, our dry shampoos are made from 100% naturals ingredients that are kind to hair and scalp and the environment.

We carefully blended a range of gentle clays chosen for their oil absorbing properties, as well as arrowroot powder, all of which also add volume to the hair. Did you know that hair that is NOT freshly washed is actually easier to style?

In addition, we have included shikakai powder for its amazing benefits for hair. This ayurvedic herb has been used for centuries in India as a plant-based hair cleanser. It contains saponins, which are a natural soap, and can be used in both wet and dry preparations for hair to soften, condition and gently clean.

The shampoos are then tailored to suit different hair colours by adding bentonite clay for fair to medium hair, cocoa powder for medium to dark hair and cinnamon powder for red hair tones.

Balancing and toning Egyptian geranium essential oil adds a softly fragrant finishing touch.

Eco-Friendly Packaging

We offer two packaging options for our dry shampoo.

The first is our eco-friendly cardboard shaker tubs. These allow for easy application of your dry shampoo as you can sprinkle the dry shampoo directly from the tub onto the roots of your hair.

We fell in love with these tubs when we first tried them out and rather than just recycle or compost them when empty, we also offer an eco-friendly kraft pouch refill option (at a reduced price) so that you can top up your tub and keep using it. The pouches can also be recycled or composted when you have finished with them.

Getting the Most out of your Dry Shampoos

We want you to get the most out of your new dry shampoo, so we have put together some of our tried and tested top tips for using it effectively.

1. Applying Your Dry Shampoo

We find this works best by splitting the hair into three sections across the crown of the head, sprinkling the dry shampoo onto the roots, flipping your head upside down and giving it a really good rub to spread the shampoo right across the scalp and through the hair.

2. What Next?

Try and leave it 5 to 10 minutes before brushing through to allow the shampoo time to soak up any excess oils in the hair. Try and not touch your hair too much as the oils on your fingers will transfer into your hair.

3. How Often Should I Use My Dry Shampoo?

You can use your dry shampoo whenever you feel that your hair needs a little 'pick me up' or is looking oily.

We find that it can be helpful if you know you’re not going to be washing your hair for a few days, as well as applying in the morning, you can also add a light sprinkle of dry shampoo at night. Rub it through the hair but don’t brush it out until morning. This can helps top the oil building up through the night.

4. Adding Volume

Dry shampoo is great at helping add volume to your hair. If you have very fine hair or feel that your hair is just a bit limp, a wee sprinkle will help perk it up!

5. Refilling Your Shaker Tub

The shaker tubs that we use are sturdy and robust so they will last you a long time. To refill them you simply need to remove the shaker insert, fill up from your pouch and then pop the top back on. As they as well-made, the shaker top fits quite snugly in the base and can be a little tricky to remove. However, we have found that by putting a rubber band around the top of the shaker top, this allows you to get a good grip and then it is easy to twist off.

Where Can I Find Your Dry Shampoo?

You can find our dry shampoo selection in the shampoo section of our website –

We also have a number of retail outlets who currently stock our dry shampoos, including:

Eco Orkney (Kirkwall)

Made Guid (Dumbarton)

Lavemill Larder (Troon)

Bare Zero Waste Living (Ellon)

Butterfly Effect (Insch)

If you know of any other shops who might like to stock us, please get in touch.

Please also leave us any of your comments, questions or top tips for using our dry shampoo in the comments section below.

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