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Our Story

Welcome to Surya Luna Naturals!

We are a small family business, based in Ayrshire in the west of Scotland, that was founded in 2018 by two sisters - Eileen and Claire.

Surya Luna Naturals was born from a desire to find skin and hair care products that matched our ethical values in relation to the environment, having a sustainable lifestyle and living in harmony with other living beings.

In addition, trying to find products that suited our sensitive skin lead us to learning more about how we could harness the power of natural ingredients to nourish our bodies while cherishing the world we live in.

Eileen studied for a diploma in aromatherapy to learn more about the power of essential oils and then began experimenting with how these could be used to create a range of skin care products.

We launched in summer 2018 with a range of 16 soaps, 8 shampoo bars and 8 conditioner bars, and over the years we have gradually added to our ranges as we explored new ingredients and responded to requests from customers.

In addition to our online shop, we also have a physical store in Prestwick, South Ayrshire, which we share with the fabulous Lavemill Larder, and where you can go to see our full range.

You can also find us stocked in various shops across Scotland and we are out and about at various markets and fairs on most weekends.  Follow us on social media (Facebook and Instagram) @suryaluna70 to keep up to date with where we are.

You might also see Ellie (Eileen's daughter) giving us a hand at markets - it really is a family affair!


Our Ethos

Nourish your Body; Cherish our World

At Surya Luna Naturals it is our mission to work in harmony with nature to nurture your skin, while protecting our planet. 

We always use 

· High quality plant oils and butters

· Natural botanicals and mineral clays

· Responsibly sourced raw materials

· Cruelty free raw materials

· Recycled paper for our labels

· Materials that can be recycled or composted

We never use

· Animal ingredients

· SLS, petrochemicals or parabens

· GMO - genetically modified ingredients

· Ingredients that have been tested on animals

· Single us plastic and excess packaging

· Materials that will have to go to landfill

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