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Bath and Shower Treats

Needing some pampering?  On this page we have collected together all our treats for bath and shower.


New Arrivals!  Just landed are our new exfoliating Sugar Scrubs - perfect for keeping skin glowing and in tip top condition for summer.  Available in 8 fine fragrances and 4 essential oil blends.  We also have a range of gorgeous new Bubble Crumbles (solid bubble bath), also available in a wide range of fragrances and essential oil blends.  Our final new release are our Bath Butter Melts, an indulgent treat for dry skin and packed with moisturing shea and cocoa butters, with lots of lovely scents available, which one will you choose?


We also have shower foamers! They bubble and foam when activated with water in the shower to give you a silky soft, moisturising lather that smells incredible.


Have your tried shower steamers? We have four aromatic shower steamers to indulge your senses and envelope you in an aromatherapy experience in your shower!

There are a wide range of fragrant bath bombs to try for a bath time treat.  

And finally, there are a choice of silky smooth whipped soaps to help create bubbles for your bath or shower.

As usual, the packaging for our products has been chosen for its environmentally friendly credentials.


We are offering free shipping with orders over £40.

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