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Rosehip Seed Oil - Nature's Hidden Gem

At Surya Luna we are always on the lookout for ways in which we can harness the power of nature to promote healthy glowing skin and soft, shiny hair.

One of our key ingredients is the amazing oil that comes from the Rosehip plant (rosa canina).

Rosehips have been used for centuries in syrups and herbal teas for their anti-oxidant and immune boosting properties, with high levels of vitamin C. However, they can also be used topically and make a wonderful addition to your skin and hair care regime.

Organic, cold-pressed rosehip oil is a rich, red colour and packed full of nutrients. Rosehip oil is a rich source of omega 3 and omega 6. It can also help regenerate cellular membrane and tissue and is a natural source of vitamin A.

This makes it a fantastic addition to anti-aging products as it helps to keep skin supple and can help reduce the appearance of fine lines.

It has also traditionally been used as an ingredient in products designed to reduce scarring and minimise the appearance of stretch marks.

For acne prone skin rosehip oil has a balancing effect on the skin and helps regulate the production of the skin’s own oils. As the oil is a source of trans-retinoic acid, which is a form of vitamin A, it is also a recognised treatment for acne.

Its soothing nature helps reduce inflammation and can calm dry and itchy skin.

At Surya Luna we always buy the highest quality oils we can source and rosehip oil is best bought as a cold pressed oil so that the nutrients are not damaged due to heat extraction.

It is a key ingredient in a number of our products for both skin and hair including our:

Or why not try this simple recipe for making your own nourishing face mask?


1 tablespoon French Pink Clay

1 tablespoon Kaolin Clay

1 – 2 teaspoons Rosehip Seed Oil

2 drops Rose Geranium Essential Oil

Mix the clays together in a small bowl and add enough of the rosehip seed oil to create a smooth paste. Add the geranium essential oil and mix thoroughly.

Massage gentle into the skin on the face and leave for 10 minutes while you enjoy a cup of your favourite herbal tea. Using a face cloth that has been steeped in warm water and wrung out, gently wash off the face mask and moisturise with your favourite moisturising oil, cream or serum for soft and nourished skin.

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