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Getting the Best from your new Exfoliator

We love our new Adzuki Bean facial exfoliator! It's made from 100% pure organic, ground adzuki beans and will gently, but effectively, exfoliate the delicate facial skin to leave it feeling silky soft and glowing.

It's great on its on, but if you fancy customising it for your skin, we have some easy ideas for you to try.

Mixing It Up - Liquid Additives

Your exfoliator comes as a dry powder that you mix with water to create a paste that can be massaged into the skin and then rinsed off. We find one level teaspoon of exfoliator mixed with 5ml of warm water gives a good consistency and plenty for one application.

However, there are lots of other options for liquids that can be used to create your paste.

If you are not keen on the natural 'bean' scent of the adzuki bean powder, you can mix it with a floral water/hydrosol that suits your skin type. Hydrosols are by products of the creation of essential oils through a process called steam distillation, and the water that is left over retains some of the goodness and scent of the plant material it was created from. Rose floral water is great for dry and mature skin, while orange blossom or neroli adds a little astringency for oily skin and chamomile is soothing for those with sensitive skin.

You can also use your favourite carrier oils as an alternative to water to create your mix. For normal skin types why not try a little jojoba oil; oily and combination skins benefit from the lighter oils and grapeseed and argan are good choices. Choose avocado for drier skin or rosehip, which is also great for sensitive skin. You may find you need less oil than water to create a suitable consistency for your paste.

Mixing It Up - Dry Ingredients

If you want to add some extra goodies for your skin to your exfoliator, there are a great range of options to choose from.

Clays are nature's naturals detoxers and a great way to customise your exfoliator. Adding about a quarter of a teaspoon of your chosen clay to your mix can help add moisture to your skin or tone the skin and balance it's naturals oils.

For normal and sensitive skin, kaolin clay is a good addition for some extra gentle cleansing. Rose or French pink clay works well for drier skins as does rhassoul clay. Oily and combination skins can benefit from the addition of green clay.

But you can also add a range of other natural botanicals for their skin loving compounds.

Collodial oatmeal is known to be soothing for skin that is prone to inflammation and eczema. Rose petal powder is cooling, while liquorice root powder can help balance and tone.

Mixing It Up - Adding Scent

For those who really don't care for the earthy scent of the adzuki bean powder on its own or those who want to add the additional benefits of essential oils, these power-houses of the natural world not only turn your exfoliation into an aromatherapy experience, but also give your skin the boost from their active compounds.

Essential oils are the living essence of plants and as such they are extremely potent. Care should be taken when using essential oils and you should check before you use any oil that there are no contra-indications for your personal use, that you use them in diluted form and keep them out of reach of children and pets.

In our trials we have added one or two drops of geranium oil, which works well for all skin types. Lavender essential oil is soothing and calming, patchouli works well to balance oily skin and cardamom has antiseptic and detoxifying properties.

You can also add our Organic Oil Cleansers to your exfoliator as an easy liquid mix of oils and essential oils that are already blended for different skin types.

The Finishing Touch

Complete your cleansing routine with your favourite toner and moisturiser or Surya Luna facial oil to leave your skin feeling soft and refreshed - revealing your inner radiance!

These are just a few of our ideas on how to get the best out of your Adzuki Bean Exfoliator and we would love to hear how you use it. Feel free to share your favourite recipes and additives, or to add a comment or question for us below.

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