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Some Recent Reviews

I had a restorative session with Eileen today that was one of the most relaxing things I have ever done, like melting into yourself, and it helped my shoulder impingement which gets in the way of my normal Hatha Yoga practice.  Highly recommended!

Colin Wilson

15 August 2017

Had a totally amazing restorative yoga session on Friday.  So relaxing and left me feeling very calm.  Would highly recommend to anyone no matter their experience!  Thank you Eileen!

Ellie Forbes

20 August 2017

I recently had a session of restorative yoga with Eileen.  I have lately had a period of poor health and have felt fatigued and run down.  I had given up yoga when this started and needed help getting back into it.  While still feeling run down, Eileen helped introduce yoga in a new way which I was capable of doing, helping me to feel relaxed and build up my self confidence.  She was  able to tailor the session to my needs without making me feel pushed or incapable at my current condition.   The session was exactly what I needed.  I loved the hands on aspect as this was supportive and helped deepen further into the stretch without pushing me too far.  Any one at any skill level or ability can do this and feel accomplished!  Thank you Eileen and I will see you again soon.

Katie Forbes

20 August 2017

Just had my very first ever yoga experience with Surya Luna Yoga and Eileen this afternoon.  This was one of the most relaxing and refreshing experiences I have ever had and left me feeling very calm.  I was a bit worried that I would not be able to manage as I have knee, hip, and back problems but it was great that I could adjust the yoga positions to suit my needs.  Would thoroughly recommend Surya Luna Yoga.  Thank you Eileen. 

Pat MacKay

28 August 2017

Thank you so much for today!  I love Mondays.

Aishlin Maire NiBhairr

28 August 2017

Loved the first Surya Luna Yoga session with Eileen this afternoon.  It was so relaxing I dropped off to sleep twice!!  Looking forward to next week.  Thank you.

Gillian Brand

28 August 2017

I attended my first group restorative yoga class with Eileen this afternoon.  It was so relaxing, my back/neck muscles were definitely less tense and after the class I felt energised.  Eileen explained the moves really well and provided alternatives if required.  I would 100% recommend Eileen's classes.  I just wish I could attend them every afternoon after work.

Debbie Stevenson

28 August 2017

Loved the yoga session with Eileen this week.  Totally relaxing. X

Fiona Searle

30 August 2017

I had my first restorative yoga session today and it was amazing!  Eileen adapted the poses to suit my pregnancy needs and I felt thoroughly relaxed throughout!  after a few stressful days (not good for the baby!) I managed to refocus myself and settle my mind.  The stretching also helped my body feel less sore and achy (joys of pregnancy!).  Can't wait for the next session.  Thank you Eileen.

Rosemary Harrigan

11 September 2017

I had my first session of restorative yoga on Saturday with Eileen which was an amazing relaxing yoga session for both mind and body.  In the last few months I had lost my way with yoga and didn't have the motivation or energy to get back onto my mat.  But Eileen's session at the weekend has made me determined to get back on my yoga journey.

Claire McLaughlan

3 October 2017

Had the most enjoyable session of restorative yoga with Eileen Wilson at the weekend.  My first of this type of yoga.  The weighted balance to relaxation over stretching was very strong, and most surely brought a state of deep relaxation, and the gentle stretches were a pleasure to sink into.  Not sure where or when the next opportunity to do this again will arise, but I'm signing up for it now.  Looking forward to incorporating this type of yoga into my wee routine.  Thank you so much for the experience Eileen. X

Sean Mulvey

3 October 2017

Just had the most amazing Indian Head Massage from Eileen.  So relaxing and helped me to totally destress.  Feel rested but also energised and cannnot wait for the next time.  It is a little bit of time for yourself and a chance to chill out.  What an experience, a big thank you!!

Amanda Jamieson

28 October 2017

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