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Mala beads have traditionally been used across the world as part of meditation and prayer rituals. 


They can be used to help focus the mind, to count the breath or mantras, or as a physical reminder of any intentions set at the start of the practice.  They can also help refocus your attention as you roll the beads between your fingers if the mind starts to wander as you meditate.

Malas are stands of 108 beads plus a ‘guru’ bead.  There are lots of theories behind the significance of the number 108, across many cultures and disciples: in Ayurveda there are 108 sacred points in the body; in Eastern sacred texts there are 108 chapters in the Rig Veda and in the Upanishads; in Sanskrit, which has 54 letters, each has a masculine and feminine form (54 x 2 = 108).

Every gemstone, seed or bead that makes up a mala is thought to have different properties, meaning and energies.  Use your intuition to choose a mala that connects aligns with your energies and spiritual needs.

You can wear your mala around your neck or wrapped around your wrist when not meditating.  They are also a beautiful piece of jewellery in their own right.

At Surya Luna all our malas are handcrafted by us and created with grade A quality gemstones.  Each mala is lovingly hand-knotted on strong nylon cord and comes complete with a silky tassel.


Your mala is accompanied by a card or cards explaining the significance of its gemstones and is packaged in protective tissue paper within a high quality eco-friendly jute bag.

Our malas are entirely handcrafted and each is unique. 


They are priced individually.


We can also make custom malas—please contact us for details.