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Welcome to our Wellness Collection!


When we smell, the aroma binds to the many receptors located inside our nose, sending electrical signals to the brain. 75% of our emotions are triggered by smell alone, and your sense of smell is most closely linked to the part of your brain responsible for emotional and memory processing, producing thoughts, feelings, and behaviours.


This gives scent the power to spark vivid memories and modulate your mood. Mood Therapy uses this knowledge to blend neuroscientific measurement techniques with perfumery expertise, allowing us to offer real emotional benefits.


Our Energise  wax melts  - Sweet and fruity, the fragrance bursts to life with dazzling fresh citrus tones blended with crisp apple, and breezy ozonic notes. A vibrant heart of lily, jasmine and orchid comes to rest on a base of autumn leaves, sweetened with sugar and gentle musks to leave you feeling uplifted and energised.


May contain dyes, mica or bio-glitter.


Our wax melt packaging is made using home compostable materials and holds approximately 20g of highly scented coconut and rapeseed wax.  The perfect addition to any wax melters or candle burners.


Each pack contains one bar.

Wellness Collection - Energise Wax Melt Bar

    • Remove all packaging and place the wax melt in the well of the oil burner
    • Use with an unscented tea light
    • Keep out of reach of children and pets
    • Do not expose to draughts
    • Do not move whilst lit or melted
    • Never leave a burning candle unattended
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