Part of our Back to Nature range of shower bar soaps.


Our gorgeous new range of soaps are inspired by the natural world and packed full of botanicals and minerals to care for and nurture your skin.  Made with 100% bubbly coconut oil and infused with a range of botanicals to give colour and exfoliation.  As always, scented with beautiful essential oils to give you the complete aromatherapy experience.


Purple Haze - packed full of coconut oil that has been infused with alkanet root to give the soap its beautiful shades of purple - ranging from lilac to dark violet depending on how long the infusion is left for - and fine, volcanic pumic powder for gentle exfoliation.  A calming blend of French lavender and woody vetiver essential oils make this bar perfect for relaxing with in the bath or when treating yourself to an unhurried shower.


Purple Haze Shower Bar