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Stunning large hand carved soapstone oil burner with elephant design.


The perfect natural accessory for your Surya Luna wax melts!


These high quality burners are made up of three sections - a base to set your tealight on, the round, carved chamber that sits over the tealight and a large bowl that holds the wax melt on the very top.


We currently have the burners in 2 gorgeous shades - marbled beige, marbled grey/purple/pink. Choose your preferred colour at checkout.


Our soapstone is made in Agra, in a part of India famous for handcrafted stoneware as illustrated centuries ago by the intricate stonework on the Taj Mahal.


The craft techniques for making this beautiful soapstone product has been passed down from generations.


Size: 9 x 9 x 12cm






Handmade In India


PLEASE NOTE - Shades may vary as these are natural products.

Large Handcarved Elephant Soapstone Wax Burner

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