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A fantastic addition your facial skincare routine!


Gemstone facial rollers can be amazing tools to alleviate tension, increase circulation, and minimize puffiness. The roller can be used to increase micro-circulation whilst also reducing puffiness and help to improve skin elasticity.


Gemstones have been used for centuries  for many purposes and it is believed that the unique vibrational frequencies of different stones can be used to aid our lives in many ways, from boosting our mood to promoting well-being to reducing anxiety.


Each roller measures approximately 8cm in length and comes in a kraft gift box.


Use along side our facial cleansers and oils, face masks and konjac sponges for a complete facial pampering treat!


How to use: Roll up and out towards the cheeks from your chin, or from the middle outwards on the forehead, you can also use the small roller for your eyes.


We currently have four beautiful types of rollers in stock:



Amethyst (purple) - protection and purification

Jade (green) - good luck, abundance and prosperity

Sodalite (blue) - balances and calms

Rose Quartz (pink) - trust and harmony




Gemstone Facial Roller

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