Plantable Greetings Cards

We are delighted to have teamed up with the fabulous Loop Loop Designs to bring you a range of their gorgeous plantable greetings cards.

We buy on average 33 cards each in the UK alone, per year.  Where do these cards end up?

Stashed away for a rainy day perhaps or at best recycled. Loop Loop’s plantable cards provide a sustainable solution for card giving.  A small piece of hope for a brighter future.

Sharing a seed card with someone special is just like sharing a moment.  A moment that blooms into something special with these plantable cards.  As well as giving the gift of wildflowers, these cards are also supporting the declining bee population.

How do seed cards work?  All you have to do is purchase a card for that most wonderful person and when they are ready to part from their card, they can plant it and watch some wildflowers grow.

If you would like to include one of these beautiful cards with a gift that you are buying from us for someone special and sending to them directly, drop us a note and we can add a message into your card and place the card in with your order.