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Helping you find your balance

Massage therapies can have huge benefits and promote both physical and mental health and well-being.

Why not treat yourself, or a loved one, to one of these new holistic treatments on offer?

Indian Head Massage

Pure relaxation for head, neck and shoulders.

Practised in India for over a thousand years, Indian head massage is a relaxing holistic treatment that uses acupressure massage on the head, face, neck, shoulders and upper back to help melt away tension and leave you feeling rested and relaxed.

What Does It Involve?

This treatment, which can be taken fully clothed, offers you the chance to help release the daily stress which accumulates in the head, neck and upper body. 

Sitting in a chair, a range of different movements, including kneading and compression, will be applied to gently ease away the tensions that can build up from daily activities such as working at a computer, driving, household cleaning tasks, lifting and carrying etc. 

Gentle stimulation of the pressure points on the face also assist in creating a feeling of calm and relaxation.

What Is It Good For?

Indian head massage is good for:

  • relieving stress and tension

  • releasing anxiety

  • lifting mood

  • improved concentration

  • soothing headaches

  • nourishment of the skin tissues, encouraging healing

  • stimulating hair growth

  • flushing out toxins from the body

  • aiding posture

Treatment Options

Treatments are offered as 30 or 45 minute sessions and can be tailored to your particular requirements on the day.

30 minutes      £35

45 minutes      £40 

To book please contact

Thai Hand and Foot Massage

This type of massage is thought to have first begun around 5000 years ago in Thailand.  The practice uses aspects of massage, acupressure,reflexology, lymphatic drainage and yoga.  The hands and feet are massaged and gently stretched to leave you feeling relaxed and calm, yet gently energised.

What Does It Involve?

The massage uses a variety of different pressures and techniques working with the hands, feet and lower legs, to stretch and massage the tissues. 


Reflex points (which correspond to the internal organs of the body) are stimulated and Sen (energy) lines are followed to help clear energy blockages, resulting in feelings of relaxation that go beyond the hands and feet to encompass the whole body.

What Is It Good For?

Thai hand and foot massage can help:

  • relieve stress and tension

  • ease exhaustion and anxiety

  • soothe muscle and joint pain

  • improve circulation

  • encourage restful sleep

  • enhance concentration

  • promote clearer thinking

Treatment Options

Thai hand and foot massage - 40 minutes     £35

Thai hand massage - 10 minutes                    £10

Thai foot massage - 20 minutes                      £25

To book please contact

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